Love writing blogs for People Magazine every Thurs!

I have had such a great time writing a blog for People Magazine each week. Writing your thoughts down really do give you such a outlook on your mind and where you are at! Its funny we start diary’s and journals when we are tweens and now as an adult I feel like I’m back at my Diary writing days yet this time I haven’t locked my Diary up with a key… This time I have left my diary wide open for all to see… so surreal but cool ;),,20607182,00.html


Whenever I go to NYC I am amazed by how much you can get done in a day! I was there for 3 days and had like 7 meetings per day! I love the go go go feeling! It was cool to meet with some of the editors or magazines and talk to them about MedGift and then also get interviewed by MTV ACT they were fantastic really supportive of what I’m trying to do! The Cake topper was being attending my first NYC fashion show and sitting front row for  Pamela Rowland! I sat next to Tinsley Mortimer, Erin Andrews, and all I could do was be a super weirdo dork and just smile at them like a goober! ugh lol Ohh before hand ran into Jill from Real Housewives of NYC and she was the exact same in person as she is on TV.. aka I would never wanna get on her bad side but she seems like a fun friend!, The 1st Patient Gift Registry is LIVE!!

After almost 5 years of work is LIVE! MedGift came from my own ordeal when going through Ovarian Cancer. I was stressed out on bills from medical treatments and also day to day things I needed like buying a wig. I was ill so couldn’t work as much as I needed to however I kept having more and more out going expenses …friends and family all wanted to help but they didn’t know how. So I created MedGift to finally help answer the question Patients are so often asked by their friends, family and co-workers “How Can I Help?” & “What Can I Do?”

MedGift celebrates the fight for a life the way we celebrate the joining of 2 lives with a Wedding registry or the birth of a new life with a baby registry.

Any patient can sign up for MedGift from a Car Accident patient to a Cancer patient or even injured Veterans from the war who are looking for assistance. Patients can register for items on MedGift ranging from wigs, wheelchairs and groceries to help with paying Medical Expenses directly to their hospital (after a hospital signs up for MedGift) or  organizing non-monetary items like assistance with baby sitting, transportation to or from the hospital and prayers.

MedGift is a free resource for Patients and their loved ones so that they know and feel that they are not alone!

Please check it out and help spread the word that is LIVE and ready to help! ;)



Great Meet w/ Children’s Hospital of Orange County & University of Irvine Hospital

Thanks to the amazing Dr. Sender we had a wonderful meeting with reps from both hospitals. A Social worker, a finance head, an RN, PR and media heads all wanting to help their patients find easy/non stressful ways of paying their medical bills.

I can’t wait to see this keep moving forward with every meeting we are getting more and more information about the needs of all 3 parties. The Patients/Families, The Doctors and The Hospital billing dept.

Can’t wait for Peter to get back in town to relay all the info we learned from the meeting. Get ready and if anyone has any contacts at hospitals around your area you would like to see L4TC aka The Med Gift in please let me know!!!

My goal is to get The Med Gift into 50 hospitals with in the year & then into every hospital across the US with in 5 years, although I would hope I could get The Med Gift into every hospital with in 2 years! ;)

So the more hospital contacts I can get from people across the US the faster I can help place The Med Gift so that there is an easy and helpful tool for patients and for families of patients financially during medical difficulties.

Thanks and Cheers!!

Diem ;)